Ever wondered why you never experienced any of the common signs related to Pre-diabetes? Well! You and a whole lot of other people. Pre-diabetes can go unnoticed for years; because some of the warning signs are so vague, even medical professionals are unable to catch them.

The weird thing is there is really no guarantee that if you experience any of these vague warning signs, you will actually get the disease.

Here is a compilation of some of these signs that you might have ignored completely, but which might point towards Pre-diabetes.

  • A feeling of exhaustion without doing much, along with aching muscles and joints. Don’t confuse this with the laziness a lot of people feel on certain days. It has to be persistent; something that just won’t go away.
  • Weakness of muscles. A feeling where your muscles just won’t do their job. They feel weird and weak.
  • Frequent heartburn and indigestion issues. Not to be mixed up with gastric issues caused by overeating.
  • Puffiness of skin pointing towards water retention. It’s generally more noticeable in pictures.
  • Phases of unexplained depression. You want to lash out at everyone for no fathomable reason.
  • You’re insatiable; no matter how much you eat the hunger just won’t go away.
  • Meals may be followed by a sudden craving for something sweet. And the craving is bad-not something you can ignore.
  • You feel a pins and needles sensation in your feet and toes that has nothing to do with position.
  • Extreme fatigue after meals-no probable reason.
  • A delay in meals causing anger, anxiety and outbursts.
  • Vision disturbances with no plausible cause.
  • Skin darkening on elbows, knees and knuckles and behind the neck.
  • You’re frustrated because even though you eat less, you are unable to lose any weight.
  • Colds and flues occur frequently.
  • Heady feeling after taking something sweet.
  • You have a gum disease like gingivitis, which is generally attributed to bad eating habits and smoking.
Now this list might seem long but it is not meant to scare you in any way. If you’ve got most or all of these symptoms, it would be best to go to a medical specialist and get tested, to rule out the possibility of diabetes.