Painful Truth

“The single most important reason for low testing frequency of diabetics is the pain associated with finger-stick testing and the repeated trauma to fingers. Ease of use is also an area of focus, including reduction in the number of steps necessary to take a reading”, Frost & Sullivan Report, 2007.

Portable glucose meters are the most widely used diabetes diagnostic and self-monitoring products in the market. Despite the availability of these devices, less than 2/3 of patients test their glucose daily. This poor compliance indicates a compelling need for additional features to streamline the testing process and avoid the debilitating long-term complications of diabetes. In particular, a device that simplifies the testing process and that reduces or eliminates the pain of puncturing the skin to draw blood would have significant potential to occupy a market niche.

Introducing COMFORTAID®

Gluxus’ COMFORTAID® family of products is the most intelligent blood glucose management devices available today. These products are designed by leveraging best of class FDA approved technologies into fully integrated, truly simple to use and virtually painless Glucometers.

COMFORTAID® glucometers are designed to make your life easier and more discreet with no visible blood and virtually pain-free innovative technology. It is truly your best companion towards managing and prevention of diabetes related complications. Like other blood glucose monitoring systems, COMFORTAID® provides most accurate and fast results with the press of a button and gives you the ability to quickly and easily measure and store your glucose levels.

However, unlike other systems, COMFORTAID® smarts go well above and beyond from those of conventional glucose monitors. The light-weight device is packed with unique features.

Note: Gluxus’ COMFORTAID® products are undergoing limited user testing. The availability and sale of these devices is pending FDA (510K) approvals.

COMFORTAID® Glucometer
COMFORTAID® GlucometerIntegrated, Pain Free, 100% Sterile
Introducing fully integrated, virtually pain free and 100% sterile Glucometer – COMFORTAID® – integrates traditional lancet, strip, lancet-loader and glucose monitor into a sleek format to allow truly ONE-STEP operation. COMFORTAID® is Gluxus’ flagship product offering paving the way to highly sophisticated and technologically advanced family of Glucometers. [coming soon…]
COMFORTAID® Ultra Glucometer
COMFORTAID® Ultra GlucometerSilicon Needles replaces conventional Lancet
Introducing revolutionary Silicon Needles Patch technology to replace conventional lancets. Building on COMFORTAID® fully integrated diabetes diagnostics solution, COMFORTAID® Ultra integrates an ultra-thin silicon needles patch with a conventional strip to virtually eliminate the pain and skin punctures associated conventional testing via a steel Lancet. [under development…]
COMFORTAID® Smart Glucometer
COMFORTAID® Smart GlucometerNano-Particles Reservoir replaces conventional Strips
Introducing revolutionary Reservoir technology to replace conventional strips. Building on COMFORTAID® Ultra and its integrated Silicon Needle Patch solution, COMFORTAID® Smart replaces the conventional strip technology with built-in nano-particles based reservoir. This in-turn further simplifies the diagnostics process, reducing blood sample size to one-tenth (1/10). [under development…]
COMFORTAID®5G Glucometer
COMFORTAID®5G GlucometerFully Integrated Complete Diabetes Management Solution
Introducing the most advanced COMFORTAID® coupled with a user friendly web-interface to provide access to Global Network of Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians and Personal Trainers. As a result of the Gluxus’ ongoing efforts to reduce the pain and complexity of monitoring diabetes, the next generation product incorporates hands-free record, share and reporting capabilities. [under development…]


    •  Discrete (no visible blood), virtually Pain free and Sterile design and packaging.
    •  Securely connects to all Smart-phones regardless of the brand, model or service provider (via myGluxus® App).
    •  Automatic double back-up of results on smart phone and on myHealth® web-portal.
    •  Dual portability of results via built in micro SD card and micro USB interface.
    •  Touchless results shared via SMS to family members, Physicians, Nurses and friends as selected by you.
    •  Easy to understand and translate trend analysis and graphs at your finger tips.
    •  Access to Gluxus Global Village of Diabetics myGBlog®.
    •  Fully managed 24/7 support via Gluxus’ Global Network of Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians and Personal Trainers.
    •  Other features include Built in Thermometer, Pulse Monitor, Reminder Alarm and Voice Activated readings.