Project Description

At the height of his cricketing career at the age of 31 Wasim Akram was diagnosed with diabetes. This was in 1997, when he was playing in a test series against the West Indies. Wasim noticed that he was losing weight, and was drinking a lot of water because he was constantly thirsty. He was usually tired also, but he thought that it was the training and playing that was responsible for his condition.His father took him to a doctor, and after tests it was revealed that his blood glucose levels were extremely high. Despite being confirmed as having diabetes Wasim played the series in this condition. When he came to know that he had diabetes he was quite depressed, because he felt that diabetes only happened to people after 50. Once he accepted his diabetic condition, he took steps to continue his active life and changed his eating habits. Diabetes happens depending on a person’s lifestyle and the food that he/she eats. But Wasim believes that if a person leads a controlled and disciplined life, he she can be as active as they were before acquiring diabetes.

Wasim Akram states that anyone can get diabetes due to stress and other factors. However, despite this tremendous drawback, he was determined to continue his active life and made efforts in many ways.Wasim was diagnosed with type I diabetes, so he started to how many carbohydrates he consumed at every meal, so that he could determine how much insulin is needed to maintain blood sugar control. For type I diabetes the carbohydrate content of meals and snacks should be consistent from day to day.Along with managing his eating habits, Wasim Akram also started strength exercises. Although aerobic are helpful, still for the sort of lifestyle that Wasim has, like being constantly on the move, strenuous coaching lessons and exerting commentaries, he decided that strength exercise were the most beneficial.

Wasim Akram lifts weights as part of his exercises to build muscle, and also does pushups. This has considerably improved his quality of life, and he is nearly as active now as he was when he was actively playing cricket. Strength exercises also help reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in diabetics.Wasim Akram has led by example and proved to everyone that a disease like diabetes, although serious can be overcome if a person has the will. He has proved that despite such issues, he is still the “sultan” of life as he was the sultan of swing.