Project Description

Since being diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, Steve has become a source of inspiration for many diabetics.
Having initially thought his career may be over, Steve sought the guidance of medical experts and went on to win his fifth gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. It was a pivotal moment in sporting history but for many people watching, it was proof that diabetes didn’t have to mean the end to athletic achievement whether it is at the Olympics or at the local leisure centre.
Today, Steve often receives emails from people who have recently been diagnosed and are trying to adapt to life with diabetes.

“I decided very early on that diabetes was going to live with me, not me live with diabetes,” says Steve.
“There is no reason why you still can’t achieve your dreams but it does take a lot of patience to work out the right routine.ÝDiabetes isn’t an exact science so it is not as easy following a set pattern.
“My consultant is an expert within sport and diabetes and has an excellent website where you will find a huge amount of information. The site has sections for a range of people including sportspeople and children.
“I always recommend this site to anyone seeking guidance. I needed experts when I was diagnosed and I have managed to find a solution that suits me but with diabetes everyone has to find out the way that suits them. It can be difficult but, with the right help and a bit of determination, it definitely can be done.”