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Born as Mary Alice Kemery in Morgantown, West Virginia on April 9, 1925, Linda Goodman grew up to be a New York Times bestselling American astrologer and poet.After graduating from Parkersburg High School in 1943, she went on to host a popular radio show on WCOM called “Love Letters from Linda,” hence the name change. The 1958 show featured Linda reading off letters sent back and forth between soldiers and their loved ones, following each with a corresponding popular song of the day.Linda moved to New York City in 1964 and became a speechwriter for the National Urban League. Her career soon took off, and it wasnt long before she was writing for newspapers all over eastern America.

In 1968 she wrote and released her first astrology book, Linda Goodmans Sun Signs, a work on astrology for relationships. This popular book sold over four million copies by the end of the decade. It was the first book on astrology to ever earn a place on The New York Times Best Seller list, but wouldnt be the last, as ten years later Linda Goodmans Love Signs proved bestseller worthy as well.Lindas books also reference the disappearance of her daughter, Sally Snyder, and the mystery around her death. Goodman spent a great deal of money and effort trying to find Sally long after the police ruled the case an accidental suicide.Along with her many other accomplishments, Linda founded a new religion, Mannitou. It is a combination of the teachings of St.
Francis of Asissi and those of certain Native American tribes. A large portion of the profits from her books went into establishing this newfound faith.
After making Cripple Creek, Colorado her home for the latter part of her life, Linda Goodman passed away on October 21, 1995 from complications of diabetes. She was 70 years old.