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The frontier woman, and writer was born into this world on February 7, 1867. She lived in the woods and prairie lands of Kansas. There is some debate as to where the original cabin site was, some believe that Missouri was the location, but the state of Kansas says the original Laura Ingalls cabin site was located in Independence Kansas . This is interesting because Google shows 154,000 results for “Laura Ingalls wilder Kansas” while the Google displays 189,000 results for “Laura Ingalls wilder Missouri.” This by no means settles the debate, but it looks like more people believe Missouri was the location.

She was raised in the classic American lifestyle of homesteading, and pioneering. Only the strong survived with courage and hard work. Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up strong willed. To give you an idea of what you could expect in the winter on the prairie, the following is from Charles Ingalls weather tracking/note taking ledger. “The first of March 1880, I commenced to build a house on the towncite of De Smet. A man by the name of Bierdsly commenced a hotel about the same time. E. M. Harthorn began the erection of a store a few days after. V. V. Barnes came about the 12th of March 1880 with some lumber for a shanty on his claim 1/2mile west of De Smet. He put up his shanty and went to bed in it. He had blankets with him and a thermometer which he hung up by the head of his bed. In the morning when he awoke and looked at the thermometer it was 12 degrees below zero. I well remember seeing him coming across the prairie towards the house and you may be sure he did not come slow.”

Charles Ingalls was a tenacious man willing to do what it took to make ends meet. Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up in good company with family members having to work together at times to accomplish a common goal. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t start writing about her experiences on the prairie until 1932, The 8 volume serious completed in 1943 mostly covered the 1870’s and 1880’s but is generally recognized as fiction, but she drew from her experiences in the Mid West to write the beloved Little House on The Prairie series. Below is the book list.

1. Little House in the Big Woods
2. Little House on the Prairie
3. On the Banks of Plum Creek
4. By the Shores of Silver Lake
5. The Long Winter
6. Little Town on the Prairie
7. These Happy Golden Years
8. Farmer Boy

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a gifted writer that everyone fell in love with. She was a happy woman, and had a long and fulfilling life. Laura Ingalls Wilder was 90 when she died in 1957.