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Efraym Elliott Yamin born July 20, 1978 is an American Pop/R&B singer known for his hit single “Wait for You” and placing third on the fifth season of American Idol.

His self-titled album, released March 20, 2007, debuted at number one on the Billboard Independent Albums chart and at number three on the Billboard 200. The album was certified gold in the United States in October 2007. Retitled Wait for You, the album was released in Japan in May 2008 and certified gold in that country in September 2008. Yamin also released two Christmas collections: Sounds of the Season: The Elliott Yamin Holiday Collection in October 2007 and My Kind of Holiday in October 2008.

Yamin’s second album, titled Fight for Love, was released on May 5, 2009. The album’s first single, “Fight for Love”, premiered on AOL Music on February 13, 2009.His third album, “Let’s Get to What’s Real”, was released in 2012. The first single was “3 Words”, which figured as a bonus track in the album

Dream big. Always dream big. And continue to watch your blood sugars. It's hard for young people to see how diabetes affects us long-term. Understand that it's controllable. We can live long and healthy lives.

- Elliott Yamin

At age 11, Elliott moved with his family to Richmond, Virgina. Misfortune plagued his teenage years. At 13, his ear pain reached a peak, causing his right ear to burst. As a result, Elliott became 90% deaf in that ear. The next year, his parents divorced. At age 16, Elliott began feeling unusually ill. After 2-and-a-half weeks without getting better, Elliott’s mother, who has type 2 diabetes, tested his blood sugar. The result was not good, and they hurried to the emergency room where doctors declared his blood sugar to be at 870 mg/dl. Consequently, Elliott was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

This diagnosis meant necessary life changes, such as an alteration in diet. Elliott rebelled against the new rules, stating later that he “had to learn the hard way to take care of

[himself].” In fact, Elliott has called learning to manage his diabetes the toughest obstacle of his life. For several years, Elliott endured daily injections and hypoglycemic seizures. At age 21, Elliott learned about pump therapy. Soon after, he began wearing an insulin pump.

Elliott has used his fame to encourage those with diabetes. He has involved himself in diabetes-related charities and events, such as the “Inspired by Diabetes Campaign.” This program asks people with diabetes, their loved ones, and their healthcare team to share how the disease has affected their lives. As a successful singer who pursued his dream of musical artistry, Elliott is an inspiring model of how someone with diabetes can attain success.

After years of health struggles, uncertain life plans, and suppressed musical passion, Elliot Yamin has reached a new height. He has said, “When I’m onstage, I’m home. I have a sense of belonging I’ve never felt before. It feels like what I was born to do. It has put my whole life into perspective. It’s like I finally figured it out; I finally got it right. I’m a singer.”