Project Description

Chuck Heidenreich Skier, U.S. Ski Team has been managing his diabetes Type: 1 since he was 12 years old. Determined to push past the limitations of his diabetes, he won a spot on the U.S. Ski Team from 1980-1982 and placed in the top 15 several times while on the F.I.S. World Cup Freestyle Tour. Even though he developed extensive experience in executive marketing after his athletic career, Heidenreich made the choice to attend Bible College and became educated as a minister. Together with his family, known as “Team Heidenreich,” he moved to Ghana in 2002 to serve as a missionary.

Heidenreich has spent a large portion of his time serving the diabetes community. He participated in the International Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Convention as a motivational speaker in 1983, and has worked with Animas Corporation to be featured in their newsletter, Sweet Talk. In 2005, Heidenreich founded his own company, Invisapump, to develop comfortable and discreet cases for insulin pump users. He continues to advocate for the availability of quality medical supplies to people with diabetes all over the world.