The latest information about diabetes medication and devices Approvals and Recalls (A&R) is provided for your reference below. Please visit this page frequently for the latest information.
Too Much or Too Little Insulin May Be Delivered With Some ‘Quick-Set’ Infusion Sets.
Company Recalls 471,000 ReliOn Insulin Syringes Because of Possible Mislabeling and Overdose Risk.
FDA is reminding the public that stolen vials of the long-acting insulin Levemir made by Novo Nordisk Inc. still may be on the market.
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals and FDA notified healthcare professionals of a nationwide recall of Accusure Insulin Syringes. All syringes, regardless of lot number, are subject to this recall.
Eight batches of OneTouch SureStep test strips have been recalled for giving falsely low blood glucose readings, according to the strips’ manufacturer, LifeScan. Inaccurate measurements could lead a person to take less insulin than needed and become dangerously hyperglycemic (too high blood glucose). The recalled lot numbers are 2969251, 2969798, 2982369, 2983467, 2969795, 2982566, 2969481 and 2998193.
Roche Recalls some ACCU-CHEK Aviva Glucose Meters