Diabetes Management Tools

There are many options available to better manage your condition. There are also many health care providers and resources available to help take charge of your health and your future. Gluxus team intends to help you  from discovery -to- fully managed life-style. In this section you will find important resources to help you get started.

<strong>Health Calculators</strong>
Health Calculators
Gluxus offers you a collection of calculators to help you get started. These include BMI, Body Fat, Target and maximum heart Rate calculators and many more. more…
<strong>Glycemic Index</strong>
Glycemic Index
Gluxus team has collected a list of over 2000 items and their Glycemic Index (measure of food effects on blood glucose). This GI list is evolving so check-back frequently. more…
 mg/dl-mmol/L – There are two main methods of describing blood glucose concentrations: by weight (in grams), and by molecular count (milli-moles). more…
<strong>Diabetes Dictionary</strong>
Diabetes Dictionary
Comprehensive collection of Diabetes related terms and their translations. The information can be searched by selecting the provided alphabetical links. more…
<strong>myHealth Portal®</strong>
myHealth Portal®
Gluxus’ myHealth® portal includes various tools and resources i.e. Health Calculators and six (6) different modules to manage and stay in control of your health. more…
<strong>myGluxus® App</strong>
myGluxus® App
Most comprehensive App (Apple/Android) to record and manage health data on the GO. There are five (5) health modules included in myGluxus® app. more…
Finally a diabetes Blog that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from without pop-ups and unwanted adware. MyGBlog® includes four (4) major categories. more…
<strong>Diabetes News</strong>
Diabetes News
Gluxus intends to keep you updated about latest news around Diabetes products, services, new arrivals, FDA approvals and recalls. This page is regularly updated. more…

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