Our Values

Gluxus’ mission is to reduce the global health care burden of diabetes by empowering the growing number of diabetic population to better manage their condition via a simple to use and pain-free diabetes monitor coupled with fully personalized better living guidance from global network of physicians, nurses, dieticians and personal trainers.

The team at Gluxus is working towards the common goal – help the growing diabetic population via diagnostics and preventative care to control, manage and avoid complications caused by diabetes. We believe that changing life style habits by eating a healthier diet and increased physical activities via exercise may help prevent diabetes. Through fully managed and balanced life style every step of the way, our team of world class professionals can help reduce chances of complications caused by this condition.

Gluxus plans to leverage best of class technologies and research to develop a family of glucose monitoring devices which will be discreet, virtually pain and infection free and most convenient of the conventional glucose monitoring systems available in the market. We intend to do that with your help and support keeping your needs and priorities in mind.

Gluxus’ team is committed to breaking the circle of complexity, stigma and pain associated with diabetes monitoring and control. We are also committed to eliminating the “medical” stereotypes around management of diabetic lifestyle by adding fun and elegance to the mix. Most importantly, we do not plan to do this within the walls of a highly coveted office building – we plan to do this with your input, feedback and guidance and keeping your needs and desires at the top of our priority list.

Our Value Proposition

Truly One-Step Glucose Monitoring and recording 100
Fully integrated testing via click of a button 99
Virtual elimination of pain associated with skin puncture 90
First of its class – Luxury non-medical device look and feel 100

Meet Gluxus’ Teams

International Medical Staff
International Medical Staff
Gluxus team includes specialized doctors and nurses that have vast experience in the endocrinology and related diabetes related complexities. Our mission is to offer a one-stop-diabetes control and management solution 24/7 and 365 days a year regardless of your local time, location or holidays. Imagine your doctor at your finger-tips whenever you want – regardless of where you are.
World Class Healthcare Professionals:
World Class Healthcare Professionals:
Gluxus team is expanding to build a global village of Healthcare professionals including Dietitians, Nutritionists, Chefs, Personal Trainers, Educators and healthy life-style specialists to help you kick-start a healthy life style or continue on with one – to defeat diabetes. You decide which services and solutions fit you and your family’s  life-style and needs. We are here to provide the best options one can have.
Global Village of Users - Like You:
Global Village of Users - Like You:
Of course, we cannot do it all alone. We are also working to develop a Global Community of Users like you to help us understand your individual needs and better cater to customized solutions that fit every individual’s needs. We will also be offering special incentives to our global community of users to provide your valuable feedback and insight as how you vision to improve our solutions.