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At Gluxus, we are genuinely concerned about your well-being and would like to become your life long partner in helping you better manage your condition. While our revolutionary COMFORTAID® products portfolio helps you stay in the know and make better decisions – swiftly and discreetly, we also provide you with the tools and support to ensure you have access to fully managed preventative care.

With over 300 million medically diagnosed, diabetes is no longer a sham condition. We are working to build a comprehensive solution to help the global population of diabetics to better manage their condition, consequently, easing the global healthcare burden of diabetes. We believe in educating and making diabetes monitoring accessible and pain free. We also believe that good health should never come at the cost of pain and limited information and support.

We are working towards creating a global network of support so that you and your loved ones have access to 24/7 support regardless of your location.

Gluxus Values

Gluxus’ Mission
Gluxus’ mission is to reduce the global health care burden of diabetes by empowering the growing number of diabetic population to better manage their condition via a simple to use and pain-free diabetes monitor coupled with fully personalized better living guidance from global network of physicians, nurses, dietitians and personal trainers.

Gluxus’ Vision
The team at Gluxus is working towards the common goal – help the growing diabetic population via diagnostics and preventative care to control, manage and avoid complications caused by diabetes. We believe that changing life style habits by eating a healthier diet and increased physical activities via exercise may help prevent diabetes. Through fully managed and balanced life style every step of the way, our team of world class professionals can help reduce chances of complications caused by this condition.

Gluxus Plans
Gluxus plans to leverage best of class technologies and research to develop a family of glucose monitoring devices which will be discreet, virtually pain and infection free and most convenient of the conventional glucose monitoring systems available in the market. We intend to do that with your help and support keeping your needs and priorities in mind.

Our Commitment:
Gluxus’ team is committed to breaking the circle of complexity, stigma and pain associated with diabetes monitoring and control. We are also committed to eliminating the “medical” stereotypes around management of diabetic lifestyle by adding fun and elegance to the mix. Most importantly, we do not plan to do this within the walls of a highly coveted office building – we plan to do this with your input, feedback and guidance and keeping your needs and desires at the top of our priority list.

Our Services:

Healthcare Professionals:
Healthcare Professionals:
Gluxus team is expanding to build a global village of Healthcare professionals including Dietitians, Nutritionists, Chefs, Personal Trainers, Diabetes Educators and healthy life-style specialists to help you embark on a healthy life style journey to defeat diabetes with you. You decide which services and solutions are best for you and your family’s life-style and needs.

myHealth® Web Portal:
myHealth® Web Portal:
Gluxus provides you with comprehensive Health Management portal to manage your condition. Gluxus’ myHealth® portal includes various vital signs calculators and 6-different modules to stay in control of your health. You can also print your recorded readings and trends analysis in FDA approved medical forms to take with you to your next medical appointment. more…

myGluxus® App:
myGluxus® App:
Gluxus team is working on developing a most comprehensive App (Apple and Android) to allow you to record your health management data while on the Go. The app will automatically sync this information with myHealth® portal so that your information is always up-to-date. You can also view last 10-recordings in any of the 6-modules for better health management. more...

Finally a diabetes Blog that the whole family can read and benefit from without pop-ups and unwanted adware.  Gluxus is developing Global Community of Users like YOU to understand your unique needs and to better cater to a customized solution that fits your needs. Gluxus will offer incentives to our users to regularly provide us with your valuable feedback. more… 

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