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Journey to discovering or coping with diabetes is not easy. Most people go through a number of emotions including sadness, anger, fear, worry …and these emotions are normal. People also have a lot of questions during the follow-up visits to the physicians. While discovering all the options and finding the right solution is important, it is also equally important to know that we can take charge of this condition via healthy lifestyle, exercise and control over your diet. These controls will help us live a full and healthy life with diabetes.

Although diabetes is a serious and lifelong condition, there is a lot we can do to look after our health. As one learns about diabetes, they will understand how the choices we make every day can help us manage our condition successfully. It is important to realize we are not alone…over 300 million people around the world have been diagnosed with diabetes. Over the years, there has been a lot of emphasis and awareness on the epidemic nature of diabetes. There are many options available to help you better manage your condition. There are also many health care providers and resources available to help you take charge of your health and your future.

Gluxus intends to help you through your journey from discovery -to- fully managed life-style. In this section you will find important resources to help you get started.

All About Diabetes

<strong>About Diabetes</strong>
About Diabetes
To help with your quest to learn about diabetes, a variety of tools and resources have been gathered in this section. Find all you need to know about diabetes. more…
<strong>Diabetes Types</strong>
Diabetes Types
Most common classifications of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) are described in this section. The list goes well beyond Type I and Type II – most commonly known forms. more…
<strong>Common Symptoms</strong>
Common Symptoms
These diabetes symptoms are provided as a guideline to pre-diagnosis diabetes condition. However, each individual’s response is very unique. more…
<strong>Diagnosing Diabetes</strong>
Diagnosing Diabetes
Diagnosis of diabetes, and, of hypoglycemia, can be a tricky task. Single-point blood glucose measurements often miss significant (hypoglycemia) readings. more…
<strong>Diabetes Complications</strong>
Diabetes Complications
Diabetics are at greater risk for damage to small blood vessels and nerves due to high levels of blood glucose. There is high risk of hardening of large arteries more…
<strong>Pronunciation Guide</strong>
Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation guide is provided for most commonly used terms as a reference. A family physician’ pronunciation may differ in different parts of the world. more…
<strong>Alcohol and Diabetes</strong>
Alcohol and Diabetes
Having diabetes does not prevent the consumption of alcohol, but there are some considerations. Most alcoholic drinks contain sugar, particularly mixed drinks. more…
<strong>Important Links</strong>
Important Links
A list of important web-links is available here to help you navigate through what’s out there in terms of diabetes resources and services. Check back frequently. more…

Diabetes Management Tools

There are many options available to better manage your condition. There are also many health care providers and resources available to help take charge of your health and your future. Gluxus team intends to help you  from discovery -to- fully managed life-style. In this section you will find important resources to help you get started. more…

<strong>Health Calculators</strong>
Health Calculators
Gluxus offers you a collection of calculators to help you get started. These include BMI, Body Fat, Target and maximum heart Rate calculators and many more. more…
<strong>Glycemic Index</strong>
Glycemic Index
Gluxus team has collected a list of over 2000 items and their Glycemic Index (measure of food effects on blood glucose). List is evolving so check-back frequently. more…
 mg/dl-mmol/L – There are two main methods of describing blood glucose concentrations: by weight (in grams), and by molecular count (milli-moles). more…
<strong>Diabetes Dictionary</strong>
Diabetes Dictionary
Comprehensive collection of Diabetes related terms and their translations. The information can be searched by selecting the provided alphabetical links. more…
<strong>myHealth Portal®</strong>
myHealth Portal®
Gluxus’ myHealth® portal includes many tools and resources i.e. Health Calculators and six (6) different modules to manage and control your health. more… 
<strong>myGluxus® App</strong>
myGluxus® App
Most comprehensive App (Apple/Android) to record and manage health data on the GO. There are five (5) health modules included in myGluxus® app. more… 
Finally a diabetes Blog that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from without pop-ups and unwanted adware. MyGBlog® includes four (4) major categories. more…
<strong>Diabetes News</strong>
Diabetes News
Gluxus intends to keep you updated about latest news around Diabetes products, services, new arrivals, FDA approvals and recalls. This page is regularly updated. more…

Diabetes Organizations

<strong>Organizations in CANADA</strong>
Organizations in CANADA
<strong>Organizations in USA</strong>
Organizations in USA
<strong>Global Organizations</strong>
Global Organizations
<strong>Aboriginal Organizations</strong>
Aboriginal Organizations

Resources for Professionals

At Gluxus we are genuinely concerned about your well-being and would like to become your life long partners in helping you better manage your condition. While our revolutionary COMFORTAID® products portfolio helps you stay in the know and make better decisions – swiftly and discreetly, we also provide you with the comprehensive tools and support to ensure you have access to fully managed preventative care. more…

<strong>Clinical Practice Guidelines</strong>
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Best Clinical Practice Guidelines as provided by diabetes organizations in Canada and the USA for the prevention and management of diabetes. more…
<strong>Recent Approvals and Recalls</strong>
Recent Approvals and Recalls
Latest information about Diabetes Insulin and Diagnostics Device Approvals and Recalls (A&R) is provided for  reference. more…
<strong>Important Publications</strong>
Important Publications
A list of important publications published by both Canadian and USA official diabetes organizations is found here. more…

Famous Diabetics