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Diabetes and Alcohol

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking alcohol. As a diabetic, alcohol can be a part of your diet if you are vigilant about its use. But […]

Diabetes and Foot Care: Diabetic Shoes

Proper diabetic footwear is the most important aspect of your diabetic foot management. The concept of a diabetic shoe is a shoe designed to prevent foot complications. Not only […]

Diabetes and Foot Care: Diabetic Neuropathy

A common condition caused by high blood glucose level is nerve damage know as diabetic neuropathy. Nerves are found throughout our body. They are responsible for everything we feel, […]

Weight loss surgery can help with diabetes

The reason some patients are cured of type-2 diabetes after a gastric bypass may have been explained by US researchers.
Their animal study showed bypassing the stomach made the intestines […]