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Weight Gain Diet Plan with the Help of 5 Simple Steps

Many people tend to search for a readymade weight gain diet plan on the internet. On finding one they are happy and start following it without realizing that it […]

Weight loss – Cellulite Reduction Techniques

Do you envy that girl on the beach who flaunts her toned and supple legs? Do you also want to wear those old tight skirts that you used to […]

Dietary Supplements-Basic Facts

It is not easy living with diabetes. Ask any diabetic; they will tell you how the diabetes has changed their normal life and activities. Most diabetics are curious to […]

Marijuana for Diabetes Treatment

Marijuana users are known to go through eating binges, a fact that users of the substance are well aware of. Earlier on researchers noticed that despite a greater calorie […]

Stem Cell Transplantation-A Possible Cure for Diabetes

Diving into dangerous waters, but I think it’s worth mentioning because it is one of the few researches where there is hope of almost a complete control of the […]

Lycopene Linked to Reduced Stroke Risk

Stroke can cut a person’s life short because most of the time it comes with no warning. It is often masked as something else. Most people who end up […]

Discovery That Could Stop Diabetes in Its Tracks

Before going into the details of this discovery, it would be a good idea to go back to the basics and understand what diabetes type 1 actually is. This […]

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    Israeli Pharmaceutical on the Verge of Diabetes Breakthrough

Israeli Pharmaceutical on the Verge of Diabetes Breakthrough

With the number of people with diabetes exceeding 304 million, companies worldwide are scrambling to get ahead of each other in the race to find a treatment for diabetes; […]

Glucometer That Uses Tears

Keeping track of their blood glucose levels is absolutely essential for those with diabetes. That is why you’ll never see a diabetic go anywhere without their glucometer. There is […]